Tourist Guide To Bizerte


Deserted uncrowded beaches, large forests, amazing caves, rich history and culture. These and more of landscapes you can find them in one place : Bizerte.
It's where you can fish, dive, camp, taste a delicous food, go through a history of more than 3000 years and where you will definitely discover a lot more !

This is a list of 10 things you must do in Bizerte.

1. Northermost point of Africa

Have you ever thought about being in the northernmost point of a continent ?
In Bizerte you could achieve that and take some pictures with the beautiful monument of Africa around
there !
Ras ben Sakka, this the name of the northernmost point of the African continent. Located in Cape
It is located about only 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from Bizerte city.
You will also find awesome stony coasts and cliffs there with a spectacular view.
This is definitely a place to consider !

Northermost point of Africa

2. The old town and port

!The old town (or Medina in Arabic) is a must visit touristic destination.
It's where you can shop traditionnel clothes eat fresh sea food from the fish market enjoy a traditionnel
green tea beside the old port while watching the fihsing boats.
In the local market you can choose your preferred fish (or any other seafood) and then go to one of
nearest restaurants to have them prepared for you Enjoy !

You can also spend a day in an Arabic traditional guesthouse. We recommand to check Dar El Kasba. It is located in the Old Medina near to all important places to visit or markets. Its archetechture is traditionnel with perfectly chosen decor and very friendly and helpful hostess (and family).

Bizerte is not a crowdedtouristic destination in Tunisia. Turn this factor in your favor. This is the perfect
chance to enjoy monuments and nature alongside with exploring the diaries of locals. It will be a
memorable experience for you living some days in one of the alleys of the old Medina and enjoying the
sunset in some traditional caffés or restaurants near the old port

3. Ichkeul Park

Ichkeul park is an oustanding universal value. It has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites
since 1980. It is located 25km southwest of Bizerte.
Ichkeul is considered the last great freshwater lake of its kind in North Africa. It was once a chain that
stretched the length of region.
The park includes three types of habitat characteristic : Ichkeul Montain (12600 Hectares), the lake and
the adjacent marshes. (8500 Hectares)
Due to this natural diversity, Ichkeul is considred an important stopover for many birds during their
seasonal migration like ducks, geese, coots, pink flamingoes and diffirent other bird spicies.
The number of birds could reach during some years more than 300000.
If you are interested in caving, consider visiting the cave of Djebel Ichkeul as well. The cave has a narrow
entrance which allow access to a vast room with large cracks along the length of the walls and showing
several cavities. It is well ventilated and has a diverse wildlife including bats, birds and reptiles.

If you want to enjoy the nature, hiking in a montain or on the banks of a lake and discover different bird
spicies and other animals, Ichkeul is an outstading place to visit.

4. Religious Temples

There are a lot of important religious temples in Bizerte.
This is a list of some mosques and churches :
The Great Mosque - The old port
Al Kasba Mosque - The old Medina
Rebaa Mosque - Regency street
Al Ksiba Mosque - The old port
Andalousian Mosque - Bizerte city
Church of Saint Anne - Massida (Translated as Fishery)
Russian Ultra Orthodox Church - Place Anastasia Manstein-Chirinsky، Bizerte

5. Beaches

Incredibly blue waters, golden sand, white sand; surreal sunset, some of them surrounded by forests or
with rocky shores. Very well maintained and nicely located.
Bizerte is adorned with these incredible beaches. Which makes it one of the best destination in the whole
country to enjoy the sea.
This is a list of seas we suggest to visit
Dar El Janna Beach - This is a guest house located between a forest and a beautiful sea. A good place to
spend some days far from cities hustle.
Kef Abad Beach - Another awesome beach to visit adorned. There you can practice sea diving and other
sea activities, rent a boat for fishing, or even rent a small hut in front of sea.
Ras Angela - There you can enjoy the amazing beach of Ras Angela and visit the Northermost point of
Africa. Ras Angela is only 20 km far away from Bizerte.
Ein Mestir Beach - One of the best beach of Tunisia
Remel Beach - Considered also one of the best beaches of the country.

6. Hiking & Camping

If you are a fan of hiking and camping, there are a lot of places to explore in Bizerte.
Ain Damous is a good destination where to camp near to a hidden beach. It is not a touristic destination or
an ordinary beach. It is a calm place and a perfect spot for fishing and stay away from the downtown hut.
Forest Remel and Marsa Dhib are also good destinations.

7. Meseums

The most important museums to visit in Bizerte are the Oceanographic musem and Utica museum.

8. Forts

There are a lot of old forest in Bizerte built by Spanish, Turks, or Arabs.
Consider visiting the Spanish Fort (Aka Alj Ali Fort) near the downtown of Bizerte city and Fort Borj
LAZARIT in Ghar el Melh city.

9. The archaeological site of UTICA

Utica is one of the oldest city of Bizerte built by pheonicians. If you are interested in archaelogical sites
Utica should be on the top of your list.

10. Galta Island

Galta is a tiny island that you can visit during some organized trips or simply if you rent a boat. Despite
its small area, it is worth a visit.

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